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PC Software

DashDyno and the Dyno-Scan for Windows software work seamlessly together to provide a complete scan tool and data logger solution. With the Dyno-Scan for Windows software you can:

  • Connect a Windows PC to your vehicle using the Dyno-Scan for Windows software and the DashDyno pass-through mode.
  • Access more diagnostic data than with DashDyno alone.
  • View Live Data, Acceleration, Power Torque and Dyno Setup files created on the DashDyno.
  • Modify or create Live Data, Acceleration, Power Torque and Dyno Setup files and copy them to DashDyno.
  • View recorded GPS data in Google Earth.
  • Export GPS and vehicle data into a spreadsheet CSV file or TrackVision.

Files recorded on DashDyno can be opened on the PC, and vice versa - no importing/exporting is required. The Analyze Live Data screen on the PC offers many different ways of viewing recorded data.

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Analyze live OBD II diagnostic data screen shot.


TrackVision is a 3rd party software package that merges in-car video recorded with a camcorder and vehicle data recorded with DashDyno. 

The TrackVision software synchronizes the video, vehicle data and GPS position and creates a virtual dashboard overlay within your video. Engine RPM, throttle position, vehicle speed, GPS position and more can be displayed. 

The resulting movie is exported to different video file formats or a DVD. TrackVision is purchased separately at

TrackVision software with Auterra DashDyno SPD data logger.

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