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Feature Comparison Matrix

The feature comparison matix below highlights the key differences between each Auterra scan tool product. 

Product Part Number  A-501   A-500   A-303   A-302 
DashDyno platform    
Windows platform
Android platform      
PC connection USB USB  Bluetooth  USB
Vehicle years supported 1996+ 1996+ 1996+ 1996+
Parameters supported 280 280 264 264
Dyno-Scan for Windows software included  
Dyno-Scan for Android software included          
SD / MMC card recording        
Windows PC analysis of recorded files
Quick release windshield mount         
GPS cable, AC adapter & USB cable       
External wide band O2 sensor support    
External GPS receiver support    
Google Earth playback    
TrackVision data file export*    
Standing start automatic acceleration tests    
Alarm / sequential shift lights 3 3     
Trip computer      
Two auxiliary expansion ports     
Custom user and vehicle sensors support    
Analog inputs with selectable voltage ranges    
Digital input and output    
Oscilloscope mode       
User configurable analog conversion formulas     
Multiple alarms triggers    
Powered by vehicle OBD II connector    
PC pass-through mode
CAN bus, VPW, PWM, ISO, KWP 2000
CAN 6x sample speed mode
Fuel economy
Enhanced and generic DTC codes
Metric and English units of measure
Horsepower and torque measurements
Acceleration measurements
Maximum recordable parameters (channels) 16 16  Unlimited   Unlimited 
Low profile OBD II cable    
Standard profile OBD II cable    
Free software updates
One year warranty  
*TrackVision software sold separately.

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