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Auterra's scan tool diagnostic features are the most advanced for Windows. Thousands of generic and enhanced diagnostic trouble code definitions (DTCs), including P, B, C and U codes, provide accurate descriptions for vehicle fault codes. Line graphs, bar graphs, and meters allow you to view live data streams anyway you want. Unlimited data logging and playback allows driving tests to uncover those hard-to-find intermittent problems. Not to mention clearing DTCs and turning off the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light, and so much more!

Checkout our Supported Parameters page for a complete list of supported vehicle measurements. Shown below are a few of the key scan tool screens available. Click the image for a larger view.

Analyze  - displays the live data recording for analysis. View the entire recording at once. Side-by-side and stacked views. Zoom and scroll. Data cursor obtains x-y, period and peak-to-peak values. Export data into many file and graphical formats. 
General Information - displays general information about the vehicle’s test systems.

Live Data - displays real-time sensor measurements in a graphical  and meter format. A large trace buffer, pause, and zoom make analyzing data a breeze. 

Slide the vertical marker around with the mouse to get an exact data point anywhere on the graph.

Diagnostic Trouble Codes - displays the pending and stored Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) logged by the vehicle and the Freeze Frame. If the vehicle’s Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light on the instrument panel is illuminated, a Stored DTC will be displayed.
Test Results - shows the results for on-board diagnostic monitoring test of specific components / systems that are continuously monitored (e.g. mis-fire monitoring) and non-continuously monitored (e.g. catalyst system).
On-Board Tests - send commands to the vehicle using the supported bi-directional controls.
Parameter Edit - allows selecting various live data parameters, units of measure, and polling speed among other things.
Oxygen Sensor - displays the vehicle’s oxygen sensor test results.
Code Search - provides an interactive search through all the trouble code databases.

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