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Serial GPS Receivers

The DashDyno SPD in-vehicle mount data logger connects to almost any serial GPS receiver. This is a list of receivers that support a serial connection. 

The most inexpensive solution is the Garmin GPS 18x PC. This is a puck-style receiver with a 9-pin serial connector and a 12V cigarette lighter power source. The Auterra A-502 DashDyno SPD ProPack GPS includes the GPS 18x PC. 

To mount a handheld receiver in-vehicle, most manufacturers make a windshield suction cup mount. Aftermarket companies also have GPS mounting solutions, such as RAM Mounts.

Serial Puck-style GPS Receivers

Manufacturer Model Part Number
Garmin GPS 18x PC 010-00321-34
Garmin GPS 18 PC 010-00321-54

Serial Handheld GPS Receivers

Manufacturer Model
Garmin eTrex (all versions)
Garmin Geko (all versions)
Garmin GPS 60
Garmin GPS 72
Garmin GPS 76
Garmin Foretrex 101 (all versions)
Garmin Legend
Garmin Vista
Garmin GPS 12
Garmin GPSMAP 60
Garmin GPSMAP 76
Garmin Rhino
Magellan SporTrak
Magellan GPS 310
Magellan GPS 315
Magellan GPS 320
Magellan GPS 330
Magellan Meridian
Lowrance iFINDER

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