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Enhanced OBD II

Generic OBD II standardizes hundreds of parameters and features for all make/model vehicles. Every Auterra product supports generic OBD II. 

Enhanced OBD II has additional parameters and systems that go beyond the industry standardization to provide manufacturer-specific features. The Auterra DashDyno SPD and Dyno-Scan for Windows products support enhanced OBD II for some vehicle makes.

Vehicle Make DashDyno SPD1 Dyno-Scan for Windows2
All Vehicle Makes (Generic OBD II) Yes3 Yes3
GM Enhanced (Chevy, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Hummer, Saturn) Yes Yes
Nissan / Infiniti Enhanced   Yes
Toyota / Lexus / Scion Enhanced Yes Yes
Ford Enhanced Yes Yes
Mazda Enhanced Yes  Yes
Mitsubishi Enhanced Yes  

The DashDyno SPD enhanced features are free. The DashDyno shows a limited number of enhanced OBD II parameters, such as knock retard, misfires and transmission temperature. Recorded enhanced data can be viewed within the Windows software.

DashDyno SPD Enhanced Parameters »        Dyno-Scan for Windows Enhanced »

The Dyno-Scan for Windows software offers more enhanced features and are purchased separately. Features such as ABS, airbag and enhanced live data parameters are available.

DashDyno customers can also purchase and use the Windows enhanced software packages since every DashDyno kits include the Windows software. 

1Enhanced features for DashDyno SPD software are included free.
2Enhanced features for Dyno-Scan for Windows are purchased separately.
3Generic OBD II features are included free with every Auterra scan tool.

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